Your Legacy: Aligning the Pieces of Your Plan

If you are like many of our clients, you have an investment plan provided by your stockbroker, a tax plan created by your accountant, insurance coverage designed by a knowledgeable agent, and wills and trusts that have been drawn up by a competent attorney. While the quality of the advice you are receiving may be good, it’s unlikely that your advisors are working together. Instead, they are like musicians who are playing the same piece of music in different rooms. When their individual efforts are considered together, the results may be discordant and quite different from the concert you and your family are expecting.

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The Summit Advantage—the Best Approach to Financial Planning for Our Clients.

Financial success is not an accident. It is the result of sound decision-making and thorough planning. For the past three decades, high income and high net worth individuals have sought the guidance of Summit Financial, LLC because we do more than point our clients in the direction of financial security. We provide a highly personalized service, comprehensive consulting, and strategic plans that are developed using a collaborative process that involves professionals from a variety of disciplines. Our singular mission is to help our clients improve their financial positions.

At Summit Financial, LLC, we take an objective, comprehensive view of financial planning. We consider all the pieces that you have put in place, identify gaps and potential issues, and then develop integrated planning strategies that address the financial challenges you face.

The reality is many high net worth individuals do face complex financial planning challenges often requiring sophisticated solutions. Obstacles to your overall plan’s success may be overlooked with a less thorough and uncoordinated approach. The Summit advantage takes into account all of the potential elements, and it anticipates changes to your financial circumstances over time. This is the best – and really the only way to ensure that your financial plan is successful in achieving your personal financial goals.

A multi-disciplined Team Approach to financial planning further assures the success of your plan.

Fundamental to Summit’s approach to financial planning is assembling a team of experts in critical disciplines such as investments, retirement, income and estate taxes, insurance, fringe benefits and other areas. On average, a team of six professionals plus a number of support staff are involved in the analysis and design of each and every plan.